DVcrew Scotland, otherwise known as the “Double Vision Crew” and “DVTV Scotland” is an independent freelancing film crew that ventured out to all the major rave events around Scotland in the early 1990′s, capturing on film an amazing era in Scottish history that will be remembered for decades to come.


DVcrew Scotland has a veritable video archive of the pure energy that was witnessed by thousands at some of the most amazing raves in the 90′s… now that we’re all digitized these days, its time to get all these old tapes from that era on to the internet for everyone too see.


We have had over 1 million hits over the past 3 years on the video clips we have been uploading to our YouTube channel DVcrewScotland which has over 1500 subscribers, the clips we upload are merely tasters of full sets that we are working on to release here on our website in the VERY near future, its gonna be fun to show everyone all the amazing times we all had back in the day, and we hope everyone that was there will find our website and be able to find themselves where they used to go and lose themselves, in the vibe, lost in the music, bursting with unity and love for the music…


We are working round the clock on our new flexi-hour series called


This will be a massive 20 hour video fest, allowing you to choose whatever feature length videos you wish to view within a 4 hour timescale, featured videos will include unedited live footage and backstage malarkys that DVcrew captured during the days of the REAL oldschool vibes from some of the top rave parties in Scotland, its taken us a long time to dig all this footage from the deep abyss of the DV Archives and get it ‘web-ready’ for you all to see, the tapes are ageing and slowly deteriorating¬† and we need to get ALL of them digitised before its too late, we will continue to deliver more and more footage from the 90′s rave scene,¬† but it comes with its consequences, means we have to spend less time out filming more recent events because it takes us away from what we are doing here.